Honoré Pesenti


Married and a father of two
children, Honoré Pesenti, was
born in 1929 in Italia. Since
the age of five, he practises
harmonica, then mandoline;
scrimps and saves all his money
to buy a piano with straps: music
is his passion indeed. Then he practices accordion and this is
how it all begins ! The fluency
of his sound, his fingering and
fast performance are huge aces
for him. He comes in France
in the Forties and his passion for music even increases. Pupil,
teacher, author, composer and interpreter, Honoré excels in accordion: he doesn't count his awards and quickly mounts on the highest place of the podium



Honoré has worked as a music
teacher. Learning accordion,
he has teached in Gard, then in
Ardeche, then kept on in
Pierrelatte from 1963. Awarded
teacher, member of the Authors
and Composers French Society, he
has owned dozens of golden medals
for national musical competitions, including nine Europa Cups. From 1966, at the Tricastin district conservatory, he has educated such talents as Bruno Jouve or Michel Qiuart, the latter being a professional musician in a big band, Christian Chalieux, first prize with cup at Montpellier National Competition...
In 1975, he has turned out an LP album, two years after,
a second one...

The Wonder Teacher
It's him that does his own musical arrangements by himself. He plans everything in minute detail because, on top of his talent, he is extremely perfectionist. Honore's fame
goes beyond frontiers, as goes some of the
pupils' he's been teaching all the way through
his career. Eddy Chassagnon, musical
teacher at Montelimar, who plays in Fernand
Bonaz well known orchestra, has been one
of his pupils. We don't omit Jean-Marie
Lacroix, teacher, composer (he wrote the
famous  waltz "Fleur de Printemps");
Michel Pallarès, music teacher, Europa Cup
winner and many  other awards winners...
Now working as soloists or in orchestras.
In the music schools of the surrounding
areas, he's nicknamed the Wonder Teacher
for his abilities to train the bests.

Olivier de SERRE

A group of the pupils of the conservatory

Jully 1978

For a stolen angel...
Honoré Pesenti heats up the accordion!

You can call him anytime. He is always available, in particular
for the good causes. Honoré Pesenti, this accordion virtuoso,
music teacher in the conservatory of Pierrelatte, doesn't content
himself with training good pupils, to make National awards and
cups winners of them. He uses to work overtime for people without
considering holidays nor fees. He only wants to please it. We have
to admit it's a rare quality, but he's got it for real. That's it. You will
be told about it as well around the old people's home or in the
district fairs. For example, tomorrow, on saturday, he will be
Monclus village dance main host (Gard). Why? Simply because a
Parisian lady who spends her holidays  there for twenty years,
Mrs Yvonne Ferrié, has called him for one specific reason : to
 replace the stolen angel that was previously placed above the
fountain of the medieval village, with its twelth century donjon that
belonged to a family from Ardeche called Vogue. So, as Mrs Ferrié
knew well our good  Honoré, that used to be agricultural labourer
in Montclus, before being a music teacher, now you know it all !
And we wouln't be much surprised if people from Pierrelatte,
some Honoré friends or acquaintances, would find themselves
back on the dance floor, whirling to the sounds of his triplets.
Such a beautiful program indeed with a specific goal for the sake
of a small village inhabitants that've never had that much.

R. G.

He has released his first LP

One day, I know my tunes will be played
Look: it took a lot of time for Bach or
Rossini to be heard...
Honoré Pesenti is an (almost) happy musician,
and he will be happy for good when he'll
hear people hum or whisle his tunes with
a genuine pleasure !

Robert Gonnet 75

A second LP

The greatest accordion classics can be heard
on it  : "La Reine des Musettes", "Gallito",

"Perle de Cristal", "Brise Napolitaine" or the
"Barbier de Séville"
Robert Gonnet 75

And so many singles

... and edited scores !
Robert Gonnet 75


Paris 1963

On stage
Sometimes the associations, the
cabarets called and still calls him
to make public listen to his catchy
tunes, worthy of his virtuosity. Numbers of press articles
concerning Honoré are written  in
glowing and well-deserved terms.
We must remember that glory
often comes with hard and
long-term working, and that
Honoré Pesenti has mixed his gift
for music with an interesting and,
in many ways, artistic career.

Pierrelatte 75

The CD
Jean-Claude Pesenti says that his father
has got a considerable repertoire and that
his new 1999 and 2000 compositions have
been inspired by a visual passion: astronomy.
That explains the design of the CD jacket.
The production of this new CD has been
perfectly studied, managed by Jean Claude
who has set up the Espace Plaisirs company.
Many informations has been written on the
jacket, including details concerning the
tracks titles (Hamal : a satellite turning in the
Aries Constellation). Honoré Pesenti is proud
to present us his compilation: he has been working hard on it
(arrangements, remastering...).


Bourg Saint Andéol 2001

In Project
Many other CDs are in project
and, considering the importance
of Honoré's honours list,
we all hope he'll do a CD
for each musical style:
classical, jazz, mainstream ...
The Espace Plaisirs company
hopes to produce all Honoré
Pesenti's compositions.
The CDs have been pressed
by MPO
(digital audio CD
number one company).


I'll never
this face
that smiled
looking at
the stars
so many kisses
I'd put on her
golden body
Praying to
love me...






Catremerio... The village

Honoré Pesenti was born in Catremerio
de Brembilla in the Val Brembana valley situated
in the Bergamo area in Italia.
It's one of the most antique village in this
superb region...
A magnifescent Internet site and a CD Rom have been directed by Piero Gritti. They both offer the opportunity
to discover a splending and welcoming valley...

Catremerio - Photo Piero Griti