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  The origins...

Available book about Catremerio's
story, the village where Honoré Pesenti was born.



His collaboration with
Margot Maurice

Collection of songs published in
that features two
Honoré Pesenti's compositions:
Le Coq, la Poule et les Poussins
& Mon Ami l'Indien.


Madame Maurice Comedon
Palmes Académiques
Résistance A.N.A.C.R.

"Margot Maurice"
Médaille d'Argent de la Ville de Paris
Gens de Lettres Poètes Français
Société Dramatique et Auteur
S.A.C.E.M. - S.D.R.M.
Médaille d'Argent Donneur de Sang
Médaille d'Argent Encouragement au Bien
Chevalier Ordre National du Mérite


In his book, Edouard Duleu tells his life
on an air of accordion... George Brassens' foreword says us a lot about music craftsmen's life in France...

Edouard DULEU
(deceased at the age of 92 year
in his residence of la Coda close to Toulouse).
Inter alia, He had created for French TV,
together with André Verchuren,
an emission devoted to the accordion.


Book written by radio operator Jean Brun
following his radio broadcast
dedicated to the accordionists (their beginnings, their careers, their projects, etc...).

Jean Brun

Honoré Pesenti


Honoré Pesenti (second from left)

The ball kings
Fernand Bonaz' orchestra

The heroic period of French tours with his life-long friend Fernand Bonaz.


Jean Marc Nury

Accordion player and composer,
he has been one Honoré Pesenti's brilliant pupils.
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